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A leading team of financial experts, are fully prepared to address all your financial matters with professional advice, sound guidance and industry knowledge you can depend on.

About Us - Mirai Life Securities
About Us

Based in Osaka, Japan we have been providing our clients with exceptional investment solutions and strategies for making your income work for you.

Wealth Management - Mirai Life Securities
Wealth Management

Mirai Life Securities is dedicated to assisting the financial interests of our wealth-oriented clients with world-class wealth management services.

Institutional - Mirai Life Securities

Whether you require assistance with asset management services or need to achieve the best product investment advice, we are here to help you.

Our Investment Management Solutions

At Mirai Life Securities we offer sound investment solutions and financial management practices based on our client needs and goals.

When you invest with us, we investigate macro and secular strategies with the purpose of helping our clients make valuable investment decisions.

Invest in Equities

Our equity team will perform in-depth research strategies into the equity market. We aim to mobilize equities across global equity markets and private equity investments.

Multi-Asset Class

Mirai Life Securities is a leader in multi-asset class investing. We provide fully custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients with unmatched investment services and professional opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

To ensure sustainable investments, we always look at the long-term picture and value it can provide. We believe in adopting an active approach to investing, based on sound decision making and ongoing updates for the interests of our clients.

$8.12bn Under Management

As of 2020, Mirai Life Securities holds $8.12 billion US dollars of assets under management.

8,356 Active Trading Clients

Mirai Life Securities has since attracted over eight thousand active clients and growing.

Over Eight Years Experience

Established in 2011, Mirai Life Securities has grown exponentially into a credible financial services provider.

254 Seasoned Professionals

With over two hundred and fifty professionals spread across two offices in Osaka, Japan & Seoul, South Korea.

Institutional Professional Guidance

We provide professional guidance and corporate solutions for companies across the globe.

Our aim is to bring secure capital strategies that provide companies with the resources needed to make wealth related decisions.

We include equity-associated, hybrid and derivative products for our corporate clients.