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Mirai Life Securities みらい生命証券 provides financial trading services to both retail and institutional clients. We enable clients to trade multiple financial instruments across a wide range of financial markets.

Based in Osaka, Japan, we have been providing our clients with exceptional investment solutions and strategies for making your income work for you. We offer a clear assessment of the risks with transparency in every client transaction.

We aim to preserve our clients wealth with excellent financial advice and practices. Having started in 2011, Mirai Life Securities has grown into a credible leading financial services provider, as of 2020, Mirai Life Securities holds $8.12 billion US dollars of assets under management.

Mirai Life Securities is an investment company with a panel of expert financial advisors who can provide every client with a fully tailored approach to reach their financial goals and more.

Our distinct approach is what sets us apart, ensuring every client receives the expert advice, risk assessment and knowledge to make the best financial decisions.

Mirai Life Securities - Our Philosophy

Mirai Life Securities goal is to create a collaborative and professional relationship with our clients, providing individualized solutions on the path to financial success.

Our wealth preservation strategies are one-of-a-kind and have been developed to meet the needs of our clients. We are here as a professional and a dependable guide, ready to manage your requests with responsible practices daily.

We exercise only the most reputable practices ensuring that the needs and the interests of our clients are always put first.

Mirai Life Securities - Our Team

Mirai Life Securities consists of the very best financial advisors, investors and wealth management experts in the industry. Recognized for our incredible attention to detail, we conduct economic research to enable you with the solutions you need to make effective decisions in stringent market conditions.

As an esteemed investment firm, Mirai Life Securities prides itself in maintaining its high standard of professional service to facilitate financial growth and opportunities for our clients to build their wealth.

We believe in maintaining transparency in every client interaction. We determine which investment options can prove most rewarding for your present and future financial needs.

Do not speculate choosing a financial services provider who does not have your best interests at heart. At Mirai Life Securities, we go the extra mile to support the interests of every client.

We are Here to Help You
To Learn More About Mirai Life Securities and how to grow your investments, speak with a financial manager today and contact us today. [email protected]