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Getting Started
Start the process of becoming a client by downloading the PDF application form below. We advise our clients to fill the form fields in and read through our terms and conditions, sign, date and return the scanned document to our client services department at [email protected]

Expect a Phone Call
We will contact you telephonically to learn more of your financial and investment goals and the ways Mirai Life Securities can assist your needs.

Mirai Life Securities - Account Opening

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Becoming a client with Mirai Life Securities is simple and effective. We will guide you through the professional process and ensure that your needs are met.

Our professional financial consultant will work with you every step of the way. If you need guidance or professional advice, we have the appropriate team and services to ensure that you receive the value and professionalism you deserve.

Your investment manager will be upfront about the fees involved in your trade and portfolio management services. Depending on the transactions performed, we will provide a breakdown of expected costs.

Breathe easy. Know that your investment and financial future are secured with a leading and respected wealth management company.