Mirai Life Securities is the premier investment and financial management company offering professional solutions and expertize within the capital markets industry.

We offer a unique strategy for every client who wishes to make informed financial decisions, with our strategic approach and continued growth in challenging economic conditions, we encourage you to become part of our productive team.

Whether you are new to the financial sector or possess the necessary passion and experience, become a part of Mirai Life Securities. We invest in our people and our culture by creating career-related opportunities for every new employee.

Mirai Life Securities - Our Careers

For many years, our clients have put their faith and their trust into the financial solutions and services offered by Mirai Life Securities. From high profile clients to entire families, we remain a leading wealth management company.

Our products are flexible, fully personalized and based on extensive research to ensure each client receives the very best services.

Offering support for corporate clients, we believe in delivering prompt yet critical decisions for the success and the advancement of corporate businesses and institutions.

We possess a dynamic and innovative technology department. Our IT department offers supportive technologies but also helps to create tailored and modern processes for the advancement of our services. The purpose is to streamline our practices and facilitate client requirements on a global scale.

Mirai Life Securities - What We Offer

Mirai Life Securities is globally oriented, offering outstanding financial services and wealth management strategies for every client.

We also invest in our people by developing a creative yet professional business environment in which our employees can achieve their fullest potential. We believe in a diverse and dynamic community in which every employee feels safe and valued.

If you wish to join our leading financial company, please contact us. We believe in sourcing only the best talent and provide every successful candidate with the tools they need to excel in their position.

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