At Mirai Life Securities, we possess a dedicated Research division in Seoul, South Korea to ensure we continue to bring innovation, and world-class financial services to the fore.

Covering a broad range of stock markets and economies on a global scale, we assist our investors with invaluable resources, knowledge and more.

We provide transparency and an honest approach ensuring you benefit from our expertize and have the ability to make the most important financial decisions.

We not only help you make investment choices based on current market conditions but also determine sustainable investing for the future.

Mirai Life Securities consists of a professional and experienced team who go the extra mile to bring the latest market trends and conditions that add value to your wealth solutions.

Our dedicated analytics and financial services centre based in Seoul, South Korea currently employee over fifty members of staff and growing, assist with stock assessment and management practices to ensure the very best investment strategies are created for our clients’ wealth management requirements.

From our macroeconomics to foreign exchange rates, our professional analysts will provide customized solutions to ensure your interests are met with professional solutions. We complete in-depth financial and market analytics, ensuring that every step is taken to provide the latest forecasts, investment strategies and commodity research.

Our credit research assists in learning about the market and delivering the most effective financial results in the industry.