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Mirai Life Securities is your leader in equity related products, offering world-class solutions for our clients. From stocks and exchange traded funds to global depository receipts, we provide it all.

We have extended our services to include equity options and swaps with focus on individual securities and more. We ensure that you receive professional advice and comprehensive solutions to ensure that every client can benefit from our equity solutions.

Our brokerage services can deliver exceptional service solutions for all clients who partner with us. We have established an incredible industry standard that rivals all of our competitors.

With a vast knowledge of market conditions and the various services we can offer in the financial field, you can rest assured that we will guide your investment decisions.

From emerging markets to portfolio management, we offer a diverse range of strategies to ensure that our clients only receive the very best. Allow us to manage your portfolio and ensure that you receive the financial support solutions you need and more.

Mirai Life Securities - Global Commodities

As a leader in commodities, we help you invest in the market’s leading commodities from oil and metal to gas. At Mirai Life Securities, we believe in working closely with every client to ensure their needs are met with efficiency and effectiveness.

We understand the popularity of the commodity market and ensure that every client is provided with the investment advice and solutions they need to advance their portfolios and grow their wealth. We provide analytical tools that every prospective trader and investor can take advantage of.

Mirai Life Securities - Macro Products

We assist clients who wish to invest in foreign currencies. Our interest rate cash derivatives are available for future investment with the option of receiving a lucrative return.

We help you invest in sophisticated markets with exceptional trade strategies, that prove rewarding with minimal and mitigated risk.